Montag, 2. April 2018

Euro Modell Expo

Back from the dead. It has been some very freaky months for me.
Not really much time for the hobby but last weekend I did find zhe time to viesit the Euro Modell Expo in Lingen Germany. It is a great little show with lot`s of models to see and way to much to buy.
I visited the stand of Harder and Stembeck and tested their Airbrushes. My trusty old Revell spraygun is not nearly 25 years old and wenn not really up to standart. To be hones I used it only for priming.
But enough are the pictures

Montag, 6. November 2017

Crisis 2017 Antwerp

Hi and welcome to my pictures of the Crisis show in Antwerp.
As usual it was a fantastic show. Lots to buy and see and many people to meeet I have not seen for a while.

Ome Warhammer like big bad ass gigantic fantasy table right at the entrance....

Victorian Science Fiction....and yep it is in 28mm.

 Trenton 1776. 28mm I was standing a long time at this table an marvelling at the models

54mm Ancients Game...