Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

Duzi 2011 the 3rd

the previous pics are from a show I attend each year. The Battle shown is the battle of Asculum. The whole project was worked on for around a year and features around 12.000 figures from various manufacturers. It is a group build as for one person it is definitivly too much. We tried to make it as easy as possible to attend th project and everybody could paint as much as he wanted. We kept in contact mainly via e-mail and exel lists we posted to keep the others informed about the process.
Fo me it was pure fun, but i also learned a bit from it. First of all was : Keep working on it !! Honestly at first it was hard. I painted a full Phalanx of Greek Pikemen 256 models strong. While at first thinking that it is easy i soon learned it is not. Careful planning of the poses, amounts of models per pose and careful research of what is actually in a box helps a lot. Mine were all from Hät, needing around 10 full boxes to get the right poses. Hours gluing Pikes to models. And switching between the materials for the Pikes (no these are not metal).

At last I put my battered Phalanx on a board to see it every evening. Just to finish a line of troops. Between I painted a cavalry trooper or two ( ok I painted them 12 at  time) or some Tracians or other lighter troops.
Another interesting thing was that some things are worth building yourself and sometimes even making molds..
More Photos soon to follow

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  1. Planning is the key to all projects, I usually paint from 8-20 15mm figures at one time, it takes a little time but its great when you finish a unit at once.

  2. That was an enormous project. I have to say I am impressed. I can usually paint 1 or 2 units from one period but then I need a change. No sticking power!!

  3. @ Ray: yep me too. Cavalry usually 16 models and 24 for infantry
    @ rodger: Try soften things up with some Generals or other things. While doing this projekt, I also Painted some Cowboys 25mm and some 20mm Nappie Russians, just to break it all up a bit