Sonntag, 24. August 2014

Legends of the Old West

Back for business....
It is my first day of my holidays and just a few days before I hit the road to Spain. So until then I have some time to post the latest pics of the models I painted up during the last couple of weeks. As some may know I am a big fan of Wild West movies and also the Legends of the Old West rules from Warhammer Historical. Sadly out of print and only available through Ebay for some hefty sums or through some really conspicious sites from the dark side of the Internet.
But enough of that here are the pics. Have fun...

The models are all from Black Scorpion and Artizan. The Indian vignette is from Old Glory packed inside their big packs of Woodland Indians.
I must find some proper lighting to take my pictures as they are a bit darker than the models are in reality.

Sonntag, 17. August 2014

Sign of Life

It has been a long time since I last found time to publish something here in my humble little blog.
So what did I do over the last 2 months.
Actually I found the time to paint some Cowboys and Mexican bandits for my Legends of the Old West games. And tataaa i finally found the last missing book on Ebay. All I need is some more models from 4ground. For those who do not know. 4ground makes lasercut houses for various things. The great thing is that they are prepainted so the only thing to do is fix them with some blobs of woodglue. I have 2 of them and am urgently looking for some more. maybe at the crisis show in Antwerp this year.
At the moment I am counting the last days towards my holiday trip to Mallorca Spain.
Ohhh and before I forget expect some more mexican Bandits for my litle figure range Coal Ridge Models. At the moment I am collecting poses for some mounted bandits. So like my last series the will be more Hollywood style but can also be used for the war of Pancho Villar in Mexico, and of course they will be 20mm.
As out sculptor is very busy at the moment sculpting models for our shop Hagen Miniatures I expect them to be ready for Christmas.