Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Garrison Miniatures

A few days ago I got a parcel from Rob from Garrison Miniatures.
Inside were some samples from his range of classic 25mm Ancients.
They are lovely figures. Easy to paint and have that certain charme I love from these kind of models. I mean the older "vintage" 25mm figures are more appealing to me. Maybe because when I started gaming with toy soldiers it was airfix, matchbox etc that where the mainstay. The earlier Minifigs,Rose and of course Les Higgins and Garrison did ocasionally appear in the selves and on the wargames tables. But back to business.
When looking through the samples the models are not build the same. Some are more robust (like me) and others are more slim. Some taller some tinier. Just like real people. Wonderful.
My fovourites are the Celts and the Imperial Romans. There is one thing to mention. If you (like me) include them in your armies. Make them units on there own. As is with some makes, they do not fit to well with smaller makes like Hät or Airfix. Another thing is if you want your Hero/General really stand out. Rob kindly send one Celtic chieftain and I will put him on a base with some Italeri Gallics to make him a true Hero among the less muskular ones (some kind of Schwarzenegger).
Highly recommended models.

Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

Wargaming Pike and Shot

Some days ago the postman delivered a book to me that I wanted for quite a long time.
Don Featherstones Wargaming Pike and Shot. I am now the pround owner of the revised edition.
It is a lovely book. Concentration on battles during the pike and shot era and not so mch on wargaming it is a collection of battles to be played with your favourite rules or with the rules at the back of the book. For me it was a must have. For all out there wanting a collection of battles wanting to be played....buy it. The rules supplemented with the book are quite easy simple rules but hey that does not meant that they are bad. The opposide is true. I like simple rules as the are easier to learn and make a game run smooth.
Overall a wonderful litele book which in my opinion belongs to a wargamers book shelve.
Any comments??