Dienstag, 29. April 2014

Broadside 2014

This is just a quick post I feel is needed.
From Fran's page ( Angry lurker ) I came to this page here


The guys are in need of everyones help. So please everyone. Spread the word and post this link.
It is for a wargames show the kind of what I like a show to be. I have never been there but from what I heard I wish I could go there.

So read the advert (link) and make up your own mind.

Dienstag, 15. April 2014

Salute Treasure Pile

So what did I spend my money on. Well besides a lot of strong coffee, burgers, beer and a DLR ticket.
First stop for me was Dixon Miniatures. I had preordered an early Confederate Army pack, a prospector with donkey and a farrier shoeing a horse. The last ones are for my Legends of the old West setting/project.
The models are meant to decorate the scene as bystanders.
The Confeddy's are meant for big scale LOTOW game. LOTOW has rules for gaming big scale up to 3000pts each side. Normal game is around 200 per side ( around 7-10 figures).
The army pack consists of 90 Infantry in various poses including drummer boys (yes they had boys for the drums) standart bearers (6 different models) and a lot of officer types. Then there are 3 guns with all different gun teams. Yepp 12 different figures. 24 riders also all different that can make two units as they came with two standart bearers. A limber with 6 horse team and two generals, one mounted one on foot.

Then I bought an ECW scottish Army from Tumbling Dice. Yes 20mm. Good value for money and yes scottish lancers in it. In fact scottish lancers are the reason for me to start collecting them.

Next stop was Harfields: Some old Airfix sets and some magazines. 25 magazines for 5 Pounds. Great value.

The biggest bargain for me are always books. I read a lot during train travel to work and history books are much cheaper in Britain then here in Germany. I bought 4 Ospreys for 3 each and 4 books about the Wild West and ACW. Lots to read.

The last stop was with Britannia Miniatures/Grubby Tanks.

I really tried to resist but these pesky small devils on my shoulder won again. So some trucks and two SU76  tanks for my Russian WWII collection.

All that was missing was my preorder from Newline but Seam promised to send these post free the next days.

The nicest thing of the whole Salute show was meeting with friends. Fantastic to see all those fellow bloggers again to have a chat and hear how all is going on. Chatting about new projects and well you know the thing that is called life and always interferes with the biggest past time planning.

Cheerio my friends see ya again on planet hobby....

Sonntag, 13. April 2014

Salute 2014

So I am back from London. Tired but packed with goodies and ideas for new projects.

Stormtrooper. I must say I love these guys. Always un to see them and take some pics.
Nappies. Well these are actuelly 28mm. As most of you will know I prefer 20mm but from time to time I fell for the lure of bigger scale.

Some weird war WWII stuff. Lots of walkers, Zombi Nazi Soldiers and Apes with machine guns (I am more with babes with machine guns but anyway) -- great game.

Another wonderful table and a lot to ask and chat about. I did not even know that there was an Irish rebellion.

World War One in 20mm. Well I was standing beside this table for quite a long time. The houses are in fact 1/82 scale (smaller that the figures) but these look quite good next to the 20mm figures and models. I know the problem that there are a lot of figures in 1/72 scale(20mm) but next to nothing when you look for fitting houses.

Wild West ---hooooorayyyyy.
This is definitivly my time. I have 28mm and 20mm wild west models. I really love the Legends of the old west rules. At the moment I am figureing out how to find somebody who will make me 20mm scale wild west houses as laser cutted models.......hard to find.

Age of sail. Well I like the models but to my mind it is a bit too fiddly for my stubby fingers to fix all the small parts.

Crusaders..... another table I was standig next to. 28mm with lot's of eye candy....breathtaking.

 I tryed to take more pics but forget to load the batteries in my cam.....
So this is all I have..

Will post some pics of the treasures I bought at Salute the next days.

Mittwoch, 2. April 2014

News from Mr. Lazy Bone

So wht did I doo the last couple of days. Well to be honest not too much. We had a lot of work at the shop with a reopening of the TV and kitchen part and some hours to work more. Coupled with this my allergy is getting a bit more worse then usual this time of the year ( at the moment we have 24 C here in Duisburg/Germany and all the trees are blooming). But I was not too lazy.
So here are the news....
These are plastic Celts from Warlord games, I have to do some little work but Ion the whole I am quite happy with them. All sweat soaked,dirty and mean looking. So another 100 or so to go.......

My growing collection of Hundred Years War models. These are 20mm or 1/72 scale plastics. I started the collection around 10 years ago with a club mate. Sadly he passed out of the hobby and I have nobody at the moment playing Warhammer Ancients or Hail Caesar at my club as this is "too much research to do". Well I will paint on...
This is an old work from from me. I bought this one some years ago half painted with others. Them painted it and them while searching for some DvD to watch ( actually it was Hellraiser part one) I managed to let his rattle behind my DVD shelf. Good ole One Leg the sinister broke from the base too a lot of scratches and needed repair from his trusted land buggar (me). So here is the repaired one.

Also older works I am completing at the moment. A Warlord Games sharpshooter for my 28mm ECW collection ( yes I also do it in 15 and 20mm - I am a little megalomaniac when it comes to fance clothed periods) and an old Foundry gentleman. I would look a bit silly dressed this way but he can wear it...