Sonntag, 13. April 2014

Salute 2014

So I am back from London. Tired but packed with goodies and ideas for new projects.

Stormtrooper. I must say I love these guys. Always un to see them and take some pics.
Nappies. Well these are actuelly 28mm. As most of you will know I prefer 20mm but from time to time I fell for the lure of bigger scale.

Some weird war WWII stuff. Lots of walkers, Zombi Nazi Soldiers and Apes with machine guns (I am more with babes with machine guns but anyway) -- great game.

Another wonderful table and a lot to ask and chat about. I did not even know that there was an Irish rebellion.

World War One in 20mm. Well I was standing beside this table for quite a long time. The houses are in fact 1/82 scale (smaller that the figures) but these look quite good next to the 20mm figures and models. I know the problem that there are a lot of figures in 1/72 scale(20mm) but next to nothing when you look for fitting houses.

Wild West ---hooooorayyyyy.
This is definitivly my time. I have 28mm and 20mm wild west models. I really love the Legends of the old west rules. At the moment I am figureing out how to find somebody who will make me 20mm scale wild west houses as laser cutted models.......hard to find.

Age of sail. Well I like the models but to my mind it is a bit too fiddly for my stubby fingers to fix all the small parts.

Crusaders..... another table I was standig next to. 28mm with lot's of eye candy....breathtaking.

 I tryed to take more pics but forget to load the batteries in my cam.....
So this is all I have..

Will post some pics of the treasures I bought at Salute the next days.

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