Mittwoch, 24. Dezember 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas And A Happy And Peaceful 2015 to all my friends and followers.

It is a funny thing that especially during the Christmas days i do find time to think about this and that.
When I started blogging a few years ago I could not imagine coming into contact with fellow bloggers and hobbyists around the hobbyworld.

This year I did attend the anual blogger meeting at Salute London for the second time and it was great to see you all again. Also did I find to attend some more shows like the FIGZ in Netherland or the Crisis in Antwerp /Belgium.

Another new thing for me this year was that I was attending these shows not only as a hobby nerd but also as the owner of my small label. Belive it or not one starts talking to others in a little different way. O.K. I love to hear what they paint/collect/game but apart from gaming it is also ideas that kept my focussing on. Fran fron the "Posties Rejects" gave me a simple but great advice. Do what you think is right. Sounds simple but think of it for yourselves.
For me that means more Wild West Hollywood stuff. Why?? Simply put I love it. The sale numbers for my label say that this is not the best of ideas but anyway I like it. So last week I gave the hopefully next stage a push and that is Wild West houses. Lets see what will come.

Apart from my label Frans advice meant for me that I paint the things I like and not so much the things needed for play.

But no enough of my ramblings.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New year. May Santa bring you all lots of calories and fun.

Cheerio my friends lets see again in 2015.

Donnerstag, 6. November 2014

Crisis 2014 Antwerp

Well it was very quite on my little blog for the past few weeks. To be honest I did not paint to much over the last week as work and familiy prohibts.
But I did find time to go to the Crisis show in Antwerp last weekend together with my friend Andy from Hagen Miniatures. We had a great time selling models and chatting to friends and customers and yes spend to much money on new shiney bits and bobs..
Here are the pics.

Sonntag, 14. September 2014

Back from Holidays

Well friends it has benn a while since I last posted something.
I was quite busy at work till end of August. And from 27 of August I was away for two weeks to Mallorca Spain. To cut  a long story was hot there, well very hot with temperatures ranging up to 34C.
Anyway it was good to relax a bit. Read a Bernard Cornwell book ( The Pagan King - buy it!!!) had lots of cider in an English pub ( yep English pub !!! ) and lots of food ( never ever take an All-In hotel otherwise you want to ruin your perfectly shaped body ;-> ).

At the moment theplanning goes to the final stages for making the nex bunch of Mexican Bandits for my Coal Ridge Models range. This time it will be 8 mounted ones. So expect more Hollywood / Italo Spagheti Western mean looking never-do-wells.....after that I am thinking of making some Banditas / Soldaderas (female mexican fighters) and of course the mexican Gun team is taking shape.

Cheerio my friends

Mad Markus needs some Magners Berry

Sonntag, 24. August 2014

Legends of the Old West

Back for business....
It is my first day of my holidays and just a few days before I hit the road to Spain. So until then I have some time to post the latest pics of the models I painted up during the last couple of weeks. As some may know I am a big fan of Wild West movies and also the Legends of the Old West rules from Warhammer Historical. Sadly out of print and only available through Ebay for some hefty sums or through some really conspicious sites from the dark side of the Internet.
But enough of that here are the pics. Have fun...

The models are all from Black Scorpion and Artizan. The Indian vignette is from Old Glory packed inside their big packs of Woodland Indians.
I must find some proper lighting to take my pictures as they are a bit darker than the models are in reality.