Sonntag, 24. August 2014

Legends of the Old West

Back for business....
It is my first day of my holidays and just a few days before I hit the road to Spain. So until then I have some time to post the latest pics of the models I painted up during the last couple of weeks. As some may know I am a big fan of Wild West movies and also the Legends of the Old West rules from Warhammer Historical. Sadly out of print and only available through Ebay for some hefty sums or through some really conspicious sites from the dark side of the Internet.
But enough of that here are the pics. Have fun...

The models are all from Black Scorpion and Artizan. The Indian vignette is from Old Glory packed inside their big packs of Woodland Indians.
I must find some proper lighting to take my pictures as they are a bit darker than the models are in reality.

3 Kommentare:

  1. Very good painting work !
    congrats from a "Old West" lover !

    1. Many thanks. At the moment I am painting som 28mm ACW Dixon Minis for the ongoing Wild West Project. Hoping to find some more buildings at this years Crisis show in antwerp.

  2. Excellent painted figures Markus! I think the first vignette needs some blood! Scalping without blood isn't realistic!
    See you at the CRISIS! ;-)