Montag, 16. September 2013

Some models I made for various armies

As I am always collecting and painting for various things/armies here are some new and not so new models I made.
The Old marauder Minis Treeman. I like these more than the newer ones as these in my humble opinion look more like a montrous tree. I have two of these but actually the other one is not painted. It is part of my growing Wood Elves (same say Tree Huggars) Army. Most of the models in these Army are from Citadel and Marauder back in the 80s. The newer Ones are too comical in my opinion.
An old GW Chaos Dwarf. Back in the 80s there were a lot of them available. They once were part of the Chaos Army back when 3ed was the rule to play. Sadly they once growed into there own Army in the Nineties. Remember the ones with the cylinder Hats?? Very comical Army.

A beastmen and a Plaguebearer. Also from the 80s. Gw then had beastmen specifically for one of the four chaos powers. The One above it a Khorne Champion for the beastmen. The Plaquebearer wait for his shiny hardcoat to lookmore sinister and of course ---slimey----

These Confederates where painted by my around 20 years ago. They are all from Dixon. A maker who ranks very high in my wants list. Every yearat salute I visit his small stand to buy some models. During the last years these were mostly from the Wild West and French and Indian Wars range. I use them with the Legends of the Old West rules. The Confederates simply decorate my DVD shelves. I never played with them but had so much fun chosing the right models for this firing line. All are different.

Escher Ganger for Necromunda. Well the first one is actually for the Sisters of Battle Army but I choose to use her for my Escher Gang.

Mittwoch, 11. September 2013

Back again....

So here I am. Back from the thing that`s happening while you are making plans for the hobby. This thing is called life. As some of you might know I have a 6 day working week in a shop so might for some reasons not always find the time to do something here. So please forgive me for beiing absent for such a long time.
But now for something completely different.
What have I done over the last weeks?? Some working on my not so new Hobby Space.

Well I manage to photo the nice parts. My workbench is (as it should be) always littered with half finished models. The scanner beneath models,flock,etc. and you can see why I am such a bad Ego-Shooter Player. No Space for the mouse.
As this looks a bit larger weel to keep you jealous these are in reality four rooms. Around two years ago for my wife and me a dream came true. We bought some more rooms in the house where we live. For me 4 rooms complete for the hobby and for my wife no more little spikey soldier thingys in the living room. Well almost. So while money is there and time I work at my personal little construction site and other living space. When this is all complete we can also host visitors here.

 These Trolls are from Old Glory. Yepp they had a fantasy range a while ago. I painted them for my growing Greenskins Army.
 My trusty Goblin shaman. My dream is a complete Forrest Goblin Army. At them moment these consist of around 20 New Spider Riders together with some foot sloggers (around 10) and of course the shaman and I also own the old Marauder Chieftain on Giant Spider. For me the old marauder an Citadel models have a certain charme so from time to time I buy some when I have the chance. I do not play warhammer at the moment. Simply because all my club mates play Flames of War or Bolt action at the moment. So i play Russians in Bolt action. A bit like orks loads of footsloggers and of course they are green.
 In the not so distand time I bought some fantasy models. Whithin the box where two of these demons. Ipainted one and the other lies snorking on my lead mountain. I do not know the make but simply like the kind of sculpting.

 Perry French Nappie Dragoons. I bought them 2012 at Salute. They are nice litte models, and the box has mounted and dismounted models inside. I want to use them for skirmish gaming using Legends of the Old West and the amendments from the Alamo Book.

An old school terminator. Well I love Space Hulk. For me this is the perfect game. Easy set up. Easy rules and just a few models to paint.