Freitag, 31. Mai 2013

Mr Postman bring me a dream....

...tam tam tam tammmm

Well although I am mostly at war with the german postal system there are things tmes and days when weapons are laid to rest for a while.

Today the last of my Marauder Minis Orcs pack arrived.
Five Orcs with two-handed weapons in original packing. Tataaaa.. Well I love Orcs. Anybody playing with them knows you cannot win with them but it is so much fun letting these green skinned rowdys smash over the field of glory and seeing the other players shocked faces when you plunge through neatly dressed ranks of High Elven Dragon Princes of beautifully dressed Bretonian Knight while cheering a big "Waaaaaagh".
Yes thats my friends the real deal in Warhammer. The terror you can bring with 40 models strong horde of greenskinns or better 16 Goblin Fanatics making the battlefield a big meatgrinder....

Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

News from the workbench..

I recently tried to finish some half painted models I had laying around here for quite a while.
Well the lay on my workbench and sometimes when it is to cluttered with half finished stuff I must do something against it.
So here we are.

Some Gripping Beast Celts/Germans/whatsoever These very generic models could be used for a variety of armies. I plan to use them in my Hail Caesar Celtic Britains and also as light troops for Saga.

Some new models for my Warhammer Fantasy collection. The first two are old models I love so much because the were smaller than the models now and because of they have a certain charme to me.
This Warlord Game Roman Legionaire was given to me at Salute (well it was a whole spue of them). The are the expected high quality of Warlord Games. Crisp detail and great and historical correct poses. A box or two are definitivly o my wants list..
Hail hail hail.....
Some boxes of original packed Marauder Miniatures Orc Boar riders.....wowowowow
I picked them up on ebay. These are much sought after by me The two blisters are identical so I don't know if I should paint both or if someone has something to swap for I am open to offers...

Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

News from the Realm of Chaos

 So here it is. I bought this table some days ago on Ebay for around 16 Euros. Together with some scenerie this all comes to 30 Euros. Not bad. Some little fixing here and there and tataa ready to play. At the moment I am planning to enlarge it a bit yo I can use all 6 tiles at once.

 Some of my Old School Marauder Miniatures Dwarfs. As some will know I love old lead minis. And when it comes to Fantasy Marauder and Citadel are my favourite together with Grenadier.
I spend too much time and money in this collection but it is like a baby to me.
Warlord Games well Celtic Warlord. Ths one is from the Germans Box or was it the Dacians. Well something celtic.
 Two of Gripping Beasts wonderful plastic Dark Age Warriors. They are from the Vikings box. I really love them. I bought them 2 years ago at Salute show in London. 3 Boxes for 45 quid. Plus a special edition chieftain. Bargain. this year they had the generic dark age warriors box which have all the much needed unarmoured lads inside. Must buy them...
 Well this is the restaurant for my Tong gang in Legends of the old west. It is scratch build and I made this some years ago. Needs some shading to liven it up...

Montag, 20. Mai 2013

What have I done so far....

 Imperial Roman Comander for my Hail Caesar 28mm collection. This one is from Foundry Miniatures
 Tha famous Lee Chee. Gangboss of my Legends of the Old West Tong gang, and also the owner off the finest Chinese Restaurant in town, o.k. and a laundry of course....
 An Old Citadel Ork boar rider with standart. This is a rather old model I painted a long time ago and will be redone in the next days.
 Legends of the Old West Custers standart bearer. The mounted version comes next.
 Another Ork boar rider. This is the chieftain of my horde. Well one of many as a Ork mob cannot have enaought of them. Sadly I only have two of these lovely models.
 Imperial Knight also for warhammer.
This one is an Old School 25mm Garrison Model. I really like their simple style. There are some moe to paint. I base them for Hail Caesar although I never really know when to play with them as my club mates are not really into ancients.

The pics are made with my webcam so apologies for the rather poor quality. I will make better ones with my Digicam when I find the time.

Random mumblings from far beyond the void...

First of all. Tamsin from Wargaming Girl has a prize draw. So here it is:

anyway her page is wonderfully made and always worth a visit. Especially the Koreans she made for Fields of Glory are gorgeous. I wonder how someone can be so disciplined with painting so many models at once. I need to know her secret.

So what happened here. Well I managed to win a bet on Ebay for a gaming table. Yes sir a whole gaming table and the best is it is just 5 minutes drive from where i live and ist was just 16 Euros. That is around 15 Pound or 20 Dollars. Will pick it up tomorrow.
So whats on my painting desk.
There are two old Citadel Ork Boar riders. A chieftain and a Standart. The are painted and I only fix some minor damage to post the pics because of a post in Oldhammer 80s Blog. As some might know I love the old Citadel/Marauder/Iron Claw models of these times gone by.
My 20mm Mamelukes are getting more paint but sometimes they are a thorn in my side. Don't get me wrong I love Napoleonis but with all that fiddly small parts it is quite time consuming painting them. The French Mamelukes had another drawback. The were quite lax when it comes to Uniform reglementations so expect some horde of sabre wielding gypsies.
Then there are my Tongs for Legends of the Old West rules. I picked them up from Foundry at this years Salute in London. All are bases and primed so just need some paint.

So that is all for now. I will post some pics tomorrow or the day after so that you can see my creative chaos here in rainy Duisburg Germany.

Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

Old Hammer

As some of you might know. I am collecting Old School models and games. Next to my growing collection of vintage 20mm/25mm lead bods are my lead montain of old 28mm warhammer figures.
When I starteted fantasy wargaming it was of course warhammer. I tried to stay with one army but well it was not that easy. Every month seeing new models on the pages of White Dwarf and all looked soooo gorgeous. So I ended up with a lead pile full of projects, armies and never to be finished regiments. Anyway I liked them and after some time my first armies did appear. Warhammer 3rd ed allows for alliances so my trusty (and rusty) Skeletons were up for hire and were beaten to pieces nearly everytime. Anyway I loved them. For special interest were the Skeleton Army box set. 40 warriors in one box, including cavalry and a chariot. Today the vampire kings as these skeletons are known today have no chariots, just the Tombs Kings and my look more like coming from mist shrouded castles than sandy dunes.
So why do i play warhammer 3rd? Two things first of all I really hate buying army books over and over again. Second I really love the old models and the way 3rd edition plays. It is more like wargaming a roleplaying set. With so much fluff and things to explore in the back of ones mind.
Today the old lead friends of times gone by are hard to find. Ebay is a good way but some of them are really pricey (especially the dwarfs) and it takes some time to build a regiment in the wanted numbers. But hey are we wargamers not all Hunters and Finders???

Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

FIGZ show

After some troublesome times last year. My club mates and I will attend this year the FIGZ show in the Dutch Netherlands.

 In my opinion it is one of the must see shows.
Although it is for 20mm and smaller scale it is wonderful to be there.
Lot's of friends to chat with and also much eye candy in form of Dio's , Army's and Wargames.

Hope to see you all there.

Montag, 6. Mai 2013

Club Night

Here are some Pics from our Club night.
Some are from the Mos Eisley Board one of the Club mates made for the Tactica Show in Hamburg. The other is of one of our Bolt Action WWII games.

The Star wars game uses the normal Star Wars Miniatures rules and all of the terrain is scrath build.
The Bolt Action WWII game was meant as an introduction to some of the gang. We normally play Rapid Fire but as Bolt Action uses less models and is easier to learn this is a great system to tease the unwilling into building model tanks and paint some figures.