Freitag, 31. Mai 2013

Mr Postman bring me a dream....

...tam tam tam tammmm

Well although I am mostly at war with the german postal system there are things tmes and days when weapons are laid to rest for a while.

Today the last of my Marauder Minis Orcs pack arrived.
Five Orcs with two-handed weapons in original packing. Tataaaa.. Well I love Orcs. Anybody playing with them knows you cannot win with them but it is so much fun letting these green skinned rowdys smash over the field of glory and seeing the other players shocked faces when you plunge through neatly dressed ranks of High Elven Dragon Princes of beautifully dressed Bretonian Knight while cheering a big "Waaaaaagh".
Yes thats my friends the real deal in Warhammer. The terror you can bring with 40 models strong horde of greenskinns or better 16 Goblin Fanatics making the battlefield a big meatgrinder....

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