Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

Old Hammer

As some of you might know. I am collecting Old School models and games. Next to my growing collection of vintage 20mm/25mm lead bods are my lead montain of old 28mm warhammer figures.
When I starteted fantasy wargaming it was of course warhammer. I tried to stay with one army but well it was not that easy. Every month seeing new models on the pages of White Dwarf and all looked soooo gorgeous. So I ended up with a lead pile full of projects, armies and never to be finished regiments. Anyway I liked them and after some time my first armies did appear. Warhammer 3rd ed allows for alliances so my trusty (and rusty) Skeletons were up for hire and were beaten to pieces nearly everytime. Anyway I loved them. For special interest were the Skeleton Army box set. 40 warriors in one box, including cavalry and a chariot. Today the vampire kings as these skeletons are known today have no chariots, just the Tombs Kings and my look more like coming from mist shrouded castles than sandy dunes.
So why do i play warhammer 3rd? Two things first of all I really hate buying army books over and over again. Second I really love the old models and the way 3rd edition plays. It is more like wargaming a roleplaying set. With so much fluff and things to explore in the back of ones mind.
Today the old lead friends of times gone by are hard to find. Ebay is a good way but some of them are really pricey (especially the dwarfs) and it takes some time to build a regiment in the wanted numbers. But hey are we wargamers not all Hunters and Finders???

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