Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

News from the workbench..

I recently tried to finish some half painted models I had laying around here for quite a while.
Well the lay on my workbench and sometimes when it is to cluttered with half finished stuff I must do something against it.
So here we are.

Some Gripping Beast Celts/Germans/whatsoever These very generic models could be used for a variety of armies. I plan to use them in my Hail Caesar Celtic Britains and also as light troops for Saga.

Some new models for my Warhammer Fantasy collection. The first two are old models I love so much because the were smaller than the models now and because of they have a certain charme to me.
This Warlord Game Roman Legionaire was given to me at Salute (well it was a whole spue of them). The are the expected high quality of Warlord Games. Crisp detail and great and historical correct poses. A box or two are definitivly o my wants list..
Hail hail hail.....
Some boxes of original packed Marauder Miniatures Orc Boar riders.....wowowowow
I picked them up on ebay. These are much sought after by me The two blisters are identical so I don't know if I should paint both or if someone has something to swap for I am open to offers...

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    1. Thanks. The problem with me is that I am working on too many constructions sites at once...