Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

News from the Realm of Chaos

 So here it is. I bought this table some days ago on Ebay for around 16 Euros. Together with some scenerie this all comes to 30 Euros. Not bad. Some little fixing here and there and tataa ready to play. At the moment I am planning to enlarge it a bit yo I can use all 6 tiles at once.

 Some of my Old School Marauder Miniatures Dwarfs. As some will know I love old lead minis. And when it comes to Fantasy Marauder and Citadel are my favourite together with Grenadier.
I spend too much time and money in this collection but it is like a baby to me.
Warlord Games well Celtic Warlord. Ths one is from the Germans Box or was it the Dacians. Well something celtic.
 Two of Gripping Beasts wonderful plastic Dark Age Warriors. They are from the Vikings box. I really love them. I bought them 2 years ago at Salute show in London. 3 Boxes for 45 quid. Plus a special edition chieftain. Bargain. this year they had the generic dark age warriors box which have all the much needed unarmoured lads inside. Must buy them...
 Well this is the restaurant for my Tong gang in Legends of the old west. It is scratch build and I made this some years ago. Needs some shading to liven it up...

2 Kommentare:

  1. I've been to that restaurant! It's in Ayr!

  2. Great purchase Markus! And some really great painted figures!