Montag, 6. Mai 2013

Club Night

Here are some Pics from our Club night.
Some are from the Mos Eisley Board one of the Club mates made for the Tactica Show in Hamburg. The other is of one of our Bolt Action WWII games.

The Star wars game uses the normal Star Wars Miniatures rules and all of the terrain is scrath build.
The Bolt Action WWII game was meant as an introduction to some of the gang. We normally play Rapid Fire but as Bolt Action uses less models and is easier to learn this is a great system to tease the unwilling into building model tanks and paint some figures.

2 Kommentare:

  1. That Star Wars board is amazing! Thanks for posting.

    May I recommend 'Rules of Engagement' for World War Two games. It works well for both 20mm and 28mm, it is very easy to learn the core rules and our club find it much more satisfying than Rapid Fire or Bolt Action.

  2. Thy for the hint will try to persuade my club mates but it is not the easiest way to do so...