Montag, 20. Mai 2013

What have I done so far....

 Imperial Roman Comander for my Hail Caesar 28mm collection. This one is from Foundry Miniatures
 Tha famous Lee Chee. Gangboss of my Legends of the Old West Tong gang, and also the owner off the finest Chinese Restaurant in town, o.k. and a laundry of course....
 An Old Citadel Ork boar rider with standart. This is a rather old model I painted a long time ago and will be redone in the next days.
 Legends of the Old West Custers standart bearer. The mounted version comes next.
 Another Ork boar rider. This is the chieftain of my horde. Well one of many as a Ork mob cannot have enaought of them. Sadly I only have two of these lovely models.
 Imperial Knight also for warhammer.
This one is an Old School 25mm Garrison Model. I really like their simple style. There are some moe to paint. I base them for Hail Caesar although I never really know when to play with them as my club mates are not really into ancients.

The pics are made with my webcam so apologies for the rather poor quality. I will make better ones with my Digicam when I find the time.

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