Dienstag, 13. November 2012

What have I done so far

Some small updates on things on my workbench.
A Garrison Miniatures General Figure for my growing Seleucid army. Based for Hail Caesar rules by Warlord games.
I bought hin with a regiment of Hoplites from Garrison. The Hoplites are all waiting for paint so pic of them as soon as they are painted.
Garrison Celts also from Garrison Miniatures. These models came as a sample pack from Garrison miniatures. Many thanks Rob for sending me these. Garrison makes true 25mm Models. They are best compared in size to the larger 1/72 makers like Zvezda. They take paint very nice and make excellent leader models. Well I want my leaders to stand out of the rest. I like them big muscular blokes. Maybe it come from too muc watching of Schwarzenegger as Conan.
Some other Garrison Miniatures from my sample pack. The always useful light archer. You cannot really have enough of them. The other one looks like some model from the late roman era. He has some celtic style shield so could also be mixed with some Barbarian armies.
A dead horse marker. I cannot say from whom it is. It is based for our clubs Napoleonic games as a casualty marker. I do not like dice or fancy glas marbles as markers. I always try to use models...

Donnerstag, 1. November 2012

Crazy German Postal Service

Around two weeks ago I had quite a big issue with the German Postal Service. Two cut a long story short. I won an auction at Ebay and after quite serious trouble with the German mail i finally and miracously got my figures.
There are Minifigs ECW Scots most are S-range but I do not know all the codes.

here the are.

The One with the shield has ECW 18s under the base the other no number, the "Officer with sword" has
16s under the base the number of the piper cannot be read anymore.

Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

Duzi 2012

Hello everybody.

it's been a while since I last attended a show.
Last weekend my club mates and me attended the anual DUZI show in Wesel. It was once our home show as it is just a few minutes drive from my home. Sadly the Duzi seems to sang her Swan Song this year. It is open if it will be held next year and if it will be there again nobody knows if it will be again 2 days or just 1 day.
The problem was in the past that there were each year less games to watch less nice models to watch and also the traders prices were the same as the once they had on their respective webpages and cataloques. So everything that makes a show worth to attend was dropping away.
The Wargames Club Niederrhein will not attend the Duzi anymore. We plan to go to the Crisis in Antwerp next year as it is better although around more that triple kilometres to drive...

But anway with the sad things. Here are some pics of our game. Sorry there was nothing worth to photograph....

Sonntag, 30. September 2012


Well here they are......

Maybe someone out ther knows the brand and can tell me if there are more.

What happend so far....

Well it is been a while since I last posted something here.
I was busy working, on holiday for 3 weeks and did catch a quite bad flu....
On the other hand I did manage to tie some loose project ends. And well started some new.
In the next days I will try to publish some new photos from games I recently played and some Cowboy figure I Ordered via Ebay and have no clue to what make they hail from....
The are a bit slimmer then foundry but very dynamic poses, Te bases are a bit thicker then foundry and sculpting reminds me abit like the grenadier models... well have a look at the pictures maybe some one can help.

Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Garrison Miniatures

A few days ago I got a parcel from Rob from Garrison Miniatures.
Inside were some samples from his range of classic 25mm Ancients.
They are lovely figures. Easy to paint and have that certain charme I love from these kind of models. I mean the older "vintage" 25mm figures are more appealing to me. Maybe because when I started gaming with toy soldiers it was airfix, matchbox etc that where the mainstay. The earlier Minifigs,Rose and of course Les Higgins and Garrison did ocasionally appear in the selves and on the wargames tables. But back to business.
When looking through the samples the models are not build the same. Some are more robust (like me) and others are more slim. Some taller some tinier. Just like real people. Wonderful.
My fovourites are the Celts and the Imperial Romans. There is one thing to mention. If you (like me) include them in your armies. Make them units on there own. As is with some makes, they do not fit to well with smaller makes like Hät or Airfix. Another thing is if you want your Hero/General really stand out. Rob kindly send one Celtic chieftain and I will put him on a base with some Italeri Gallics to make him a true Hero among the less muskular ones (some kind of Schwarzenegger).
Highly recommended models.

Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

Wargaming Pike and Shot

Some days ago the postman delivered a book to me that I wanted for quite a long time.
Don Featherstones Wargaming Pike and Shot. I am now the pround owner of the revised edition.
It is a lovely book. Concentration on battles during the pike and shot era and not so mch on wargaming it is a collection of battles to be played with your favourite rules or with the rules at the back of the book. For me it was a must have. For all out there wanting a collection of battles wanting to be played....buy it. The rules supplemented with the book are quite easy simple rules but hey that does not meant that they are bad. The opposide is true. I like simple rules as the are easier to learn and make a game run smooth.
Overall a wonderful litele book which in my opinion belongs to a wargamers book shelve.
Any comments??

Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

It is been a while since I last posted here.
I was busy playing aroung with my camera. O.K. not the best of pics I did make but I am getting better.
Some days ago I got a big parcel from John Cunningham from the Nostalgic Revival Blog
In there were many really nice Les Higgins and Hinton Hunt 20mm ECW troops for my growing collection.
Yes I like these old lead models. To be honest I like them more than most of the newer plastic ones.
They are well more life like and it is my childhood times when Airfix are the ones to have...

 Some Indian Sepoys
 Spooky Cat ........ brrrraaaaaiiiinnnsssss
 Revell Imperialists
 Tumbling Dice Cuirassiers

Sonntag, 6. Mai 2012

Club Games

Hello everybody now I want to present you some pics of games my club stages at some shows in the past.
As you might know we love Nappie games and our favourite scale is 20mm.
Have fun..

Montag, 30. April 2012

Last weekend I was visiting a Nappie reenactment here nearby together with some club mates.

Hope you like the photos.

Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

Hey friends, as promised some nice impressions from London.
The Salute show was massiv, great, fascinating, gorgeous....
 Some reenactors show their stuff. Very cool to see the ral thing when normally you only paint the lead ones on your figures
 ECW !!!! Great. Warlord show what can be done with their wonderful plastic models. What cannot be seen on the photos are the flickering lights inside the cotton puffs. Cool. Ok you need a lot of them but hey for club demos on shows.... you cannot go without.

 Nappies..... The photos hopefully give an impression how big the table was. Like I love tables moaning under the wight of painted lead.....
 Wars Of The Roses....Another favourite of mine. Lots of knights in shining armour, flags and canage.
 Sewastopol....Wargames Illus cool diorama. Wonderful models and a theme not often to be seen.
 ACW.. The Union side. Another nice game and one using measuring sticks, hurrrraaaaa. O.K. I am Old School and love Old School wargaming
The Navy arrives....Battle of Corunna. This is just one of three ships together with a complete town. Lots of civillians,soldiers....it was breathtaking.

Montag, 23. April 2012

So I am back from London...
Wow great show as ever. Meet some friends there (Uwe from history in 172 blog and my friend Schmitty) and was frenzy shopping around.
Hope to publish some Fotos from London in the next days. And maybe the first pics from the painted models I am pinting at the moment.

Samstag, 14. April 2012

Salute 2012

At the moment I am busy putting together my baggage for visiting salute in London this year.
I have a lot to pick up there. A big order with skytrex for my lokal club. So many many biplanes and also some 20mm WWII stuff. Plastic Soldier Company has some nice 45mm guns for my growing Russian collection I am building up for our Rapid Fire Games here at the club.
Pics will be published after returning. Any one there??

Freitag, 6. April 2012

Action Pics

After a long while i did find time to post same pictures.
The are from our Rapid Fire WWII game and the Wing of War game we stage at this years Action 2012 show in Rheindahlen Baracks

 For the wings of war game we will enlagen this for this years Duzi show in Wesel we hope to manage something in the range of 100 flyers. Including some Balloons and a zeppelin straaken bomber