Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

Hey friends, as promised some nice impressions from London.
The Salute show was massiv, great, fascinating, gorgeous....
 Some reenactors show their stuff. Very cool to see the ral thing when normally you only paint the lead ones on your figures
 ECW !!!! Great. Warlord show what can be done with their wonderful plastic models. What cannot be seen on the photos are the flickering lights inside the cotton puffs. Cool. Ok you need a lot of them but hey for club demos on shows.... you cannot go without.

 Nappies..... The photos hopefully give an impression how big the table was. Like I love tables moaning under the wight of painted lead.....
 Wars Of The Roses....Another favourite of mine. Lots of knights in shining armour, flags and canage.
 Sewastopol....Wargames Illus cool diorama. Wonderful models and a theme not often to be seen.
 ACW.. The Union side. Another nice game and one using measuring sticks, hurrrraaaaa. O.K. I am Old School and love Old School wargaming
The Navy arrives....Battle of Corunna. This is just one of three ships together with a complete town. Lots of civillians, was breathtaking.

5 Kommentare:

  1. Just wish I could have been there.

  2. A shame we wherent able to come, looks like we did mis a lot!
    Thanks for sharing, maybee next year together at Salute!
    Now up to FIGZ on 3th of june!

  3. You missed a lot my friends, really a lot.....and I do not mean the beers after the show....

  4. Are you telling you missed me Markus? Or was it the "vlaai" :-D

    Thanks for sharing this pictures with us and I can see you had a great time over there.