Dienstag, 13. November 2012

What have I done so far

Some small updates on things on my workbench.
A Garrison Miniatures General Figure for my growing Seleucid army. Based for Hail Caesar rules by Warlord games.
I bought hin with a regiment of Hoplites from Garrison. The Hoplites are all waiting for paint so pic of them as soon as they are painted.
Garrison Celts also from Garrison Miniatures. These models came as a sample pack from Garrison miniatures. Many thanks Rob for sending me these. Garrison makes true 25mm Models. They are best compared in size to the larger 1/72 makers like Zvezda. They take paint very nice and make excellent leader models. Well I want my leaders to stand out of the rest. I like them big muscular blokes. Maybe it come from too muc watching of Schwarzenegger as Conan.
Some other Garrison Miniatures from my sample pack. The always useful light archer. You cannot really have enough of them. The other one looks like some model from the late roman era. He has some celtic style shield so could also be mixed with some Barbarian armies.
A dead horse marker. I cannot say from whom it is. It is based for our clubs Napoleonic games as a casualty marker. I do not like dice or fancy glas marbles as markers. I always try to use models...

Donnerstag, 1. November 2012

Crazy German Postal Service

Around two weeks ago I had quite a big issue with the German Postal Service. Two cut a long story short. I won an auction at Ebay and after quite serious trouble with the German mail i finally and miracously got my figures.
There are Minifigs ECW Scots most are S-range but I do not know all the codes.

here the are.

The One with the shield has ECW 18s under the base the other no number, the "Officer with sword" has
16s under the base the number of the piper cannot be read anymore.