Sonntag, 30. März 2014

Sone news from the workbench

Well here I am back again.
As some of you will know I am that kind of wargaming butterfly. I will say I hopp from project to project ( well some are so large they can be better described as construction sites). So here are some news (pics) and please forgive the unbased models. I hate putting flock to bases. It is a work I do not like.

My Orc boss. Gruumsh the stumpy slayer. He who drinks beer by the barrels, he who roasts elefants at babecue, the one and only tyrant of the worlds edge mountains.
I cannot remember the maker as it is a quite old model. I have two of these. The difference is the head of the monster. The make also did some other big resin dinosaur like monters, some with riders and also a bid one with an empty howda. Great for warhammer like games. I use him as an ork boss on a wyvern.
Some old school Citadel and Marauder Gobbos. Most of them were painted by me a long time ago. At the moment I am refurbishing them as oe the years they caught some little scratches.

Markers for warhammer. I really hate tables cluttered with dice,chips and other things to be used as wound markers. So for those models having more than one wound I use this markers. The gravestones once came with a box of GW skellis I picked up at a bring and buy. The round bases with the skull and bones are cast be me using a hirst arts dungeon builder mould.
You can also get gave stones from renendra. One bag of these is all you need.

Mittwoch, 26. März 2014

Salute London

During the last days I was busy planning my trip to Salute show in London at 12 April.
I drive there every year for around the last 20 or so years. This time I will go there with two of my friends from Hagen Miniatures Project.
Uwe is the owner of Fritz Figures and Schmity is planning is own range in the Hagen Minis range. Something Tricorne he told me but no details.
For my own range Coal Ridge Models I am now planning the next bunch of Mexicans. I am working on concepts for some Peones (common peoples) and of course mounted Bandidoes to complement my foot sloggin bandits.
For anyone atending Salute I can highly recommend ordering before hand to pick up at the show.
Two reasons. First you get what you want and second you do not spend too much on models not neccesary needed. O.K. I always buy some of the latter.

So anyone attending salute this year???

Sonntag, 16. März 2014

Old Hammer Models

 This Chaos Warrior is from the Claymor Saga game from MB. I have two bought from a flea market. This is just a trial for my Nurgle army.
The Claymore Saga game comes with a nice plastic tower, an Empire gun team, lots of knights, Gobbo Wolf Riders, Chaos Knights, tons of beastmen and the Chaos warriors.
A must for those gaming fantasy on a budget.
 Well this is an old GW dwarven gun team. The style of these dwarves is more medieval style and not so stereotypic as the dwarves are today. They had a lot of warriors too bach in the 80s. Sadly quite hefty prices are paid when they arrive on Ebay.
 This Gobbo Shaman on giant spider is also unavailable today. I am lucky to have him and also the Gobbo Champion on the same spider. I painted this model around 20 years ago and it was the first champion for my growing greenskin army. Well nobody wins with green skins but hey these are pure fun. I love to play with lots of ball and chain weilding lunatics ( I have around 16 of them) and lots of cheap shamans. These are more dangerous to themself then to others but I love the terrified faces when they come running towards some units of expensive knights or chaos troops.
Spider riders again. These are from the late warhammer set with the gobbos and dwarves inside. Ireally forgot the name of the set. The pro side of this set was that it had 10 spider riders inside and here in Germany nobody plays with then so now I have 20 models for my growing Gobbo Indians simply with swapping some models around.
The Gobbo Indians (Forest Gobbos in GW terms) is a themed army I am collecting for a few years. I do not know when tey are finished. Probably never but lots of shamans,spiders and some tatooed Orcs will look great.

I simply like playing themed armies although I mostly loose with them. The nice thing is that you can start inventing names and a history for them like in the fantasy rolepalying settings. For me this is part of the fun.

Dienstag, 11. März 2014

TWY /ECW riders

These models are from Tumbling Dice. Code is EW 45 mounted dragoons. The nice thing is that these come 8 per pack all different. All you have to do is gluing the fiddly heads on and a weapon or two.

Samstag, 8. März 2014

The shop is open

It was a bit quite around here onmy blog. The reason is that Andy from Hagen Minis, Uwe from Fritz Figures and myself were busy addind models to the Hagen Miniatures range.
And tatataaaaa Coal Ridge Models is now alife and the first bunch of models available.

Andy from hagen Miniatures is the one who casts and makes the distribution. O.K. and quite a good coffee.
Uwe from Fritz Figures is the one who had the idea behind Hagen miniatures.
Hagen is a place where everybody is able to produce models. All that is needed are master models (o.k. if you have some stubby fingers like me--- Hagen Minis has a sculptor) and up goes the rocket.

My range springs from my love for old movies. Especially the Spaghetti Western Movies from bella Italia.
I had the idea of having 20mm (my favourite scale) Mexican bandits. So I saved some money to pay the sculptor ( it is not that expensive - believe me) and posted the idea (well and some phone calls) to Uwe. He made the contact to the sculptor and after some waiting the masters arrived at Andys workshop. he made the moulds for the spin casting machine and did the castings. Meanwhile Uwe posted the pics from the master models on the web page.
Today my casts arrived. And they are up for sale from Hagen Minis Webpage.
Hagen Minis motto is. From collectors for collectors. The money I get with selling the casts is fully brought back into making the next bunch of models. Well that is my idea. I do not want to live from it.