Sonntag, 30. März 2014

Sone news from the workbench

Well here I am back again.
As some of you will know I am that kind of wargaming butterfly. I will say I hopp from project to project ( well some are so large they can be better described as construction sites). So here are some news (pics) and please forgive the unbased models. I hate putting flock to bases. It is a work I do not like.

My Orc boss. Gruumsh the stumpy slayer. He who drinks beer by the barrels, he who roasts elefants at babecue, the one and only tyrant of the worlds edge mountains.
I cannot remember the maker as it is a quite old model. I have two of these. The difference is the head of the monster. The make also did some other big resin dinosaur like monters, some with riders and also a bid one with an empty howda. Great for warhammer like games. I use him as an ork boss on a wyvern.
Some old school Citadel and Marauder Gobbos. Most of them were painted by me a long time ago. At the moment I am refurbishing them as oe the years they caught some little scratches.

Markers for warhammer. I really hate tables cluttered with dice,chips and other things to be used as wound markers. So for those models having more than one wound I use this markers. The gravestones once came with a box of GW skellis I picked up at a bring and buy. The round bases with the skull and bones are cast be me using a hirst arts dungeon builder mould.
You can also get gave stones from renendra. One bag of these is all you need.

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