Samstag, 8. März 2014

The shop is open

It was a bit quite around here onmy blog. The reason is that Andy from Hagen Minis, Uwe from Fritz Figures and myself were busy addind models to the Hagen Miniatures range.
And tatataaaaa Coal Ridge Models is now alife and the first bunch of models available.

Andy from hagen Miniatures is the one who casts and makes the distribution. O.K. and quite a good coffee.
Uwe from Fritz Figures is the one who had the idea behind Hagen miniatures.
Hagen is a place where everybody is able to produce models. All that is needed are master models (o.k. if you have some stubby fingers like me--- Hagen Minis has a sculptor) and up goes the rocket.

My range springs from my love for old movies. Especially the Spaghetti Western Movies from bella Italia.
I had the idea of having 20mm (my favourite scale) Mexican bandits. So I saved some money to pay the sculptor ( it is not that expensive - believe me) and posted the idea (well and some phone calls) to Uwe. He made the contact to the sculptor and after some waiting the masters arrived at Andys workshop. he made the moulds for the spin casting machine and did the castings. Meanwhile Uwe posted the pics from the master models on the web page.
Today my casts arrived. And they are up for sale from Hagen Minis Webpage.
Hagen Minis motto is. From collectors for collectors. The money I get with selling the casts is fully brought back into making the next bunch of models. Well that is my idea. I do not want to live from it.


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