Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014

ECW Stuff

So what did I finish over the last week. To be honest not much. Some ECW 20mm Tumbling Dice models. These are really nice models, Lot of detail and full of live.
The Fotos are from the packs H3 Horses and EW31 Command. The Command pack had 11 minis together with a variety of loose heads and stuff. Enough flags  (4) and partizans (2). The fifer is two time in it as are the drummer and the standing standart bearer. I normally make my own flags from paper and wire as I think that the lead ones are too thick but as there are painted for a web cataloque (Hagen Miniatures) I made them with what was supplied and took pictures of them seperatly. I normally did not doo this as I base my models in groups of 4 models (2x2 minis) and take pictures when all is ready.

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