Montag, 3. Februar 2014

New Mexicans

Today I want to present the pictures of the new mexican bandits a friend of me made for me.
At the moment they are on the way to the caster/mould maker and I hope to have these ready for sale with Hagen Minis by the end of February, Early March.
You will Find them under my own label.
Coal Ridge Models


  1. Markus they look fantastic! What will be the price of these figures?


  2. I agree with Peter, of course !

    but, the price is not so important ....
    (not too expensive, I still hope !)

  3. At the moment we think about 0.95 € per Fugure and 6,95 for the full set.
    I hope to bring out more this year.
    Planning goes for Peons and also for Artillery/Gatling Teams. And of course riders.