Donnerstag, 1. November 2012

Crazy German Postal Service

Around two weeks ago I had quite a big issue with the German Postal Service. Two cut a long story short. I won an auction at Ebay and after quite serious trouble with the German mail i finally and miracously got my figures.
There are Minifigs ECW Scots most are S-range but I do not know all the codes.

here the are.

The One with the shield has ECW 18s under the base the other no number, the "Officer with sword" has
16s under the base the number of the piper cannot be read anymore.

3 Kommentare:

  1. The german postal service!!! It is a complete mystery sometimes. Suff sent at the same time from two different in germany..the other in Ausland.......which gets here first? Not the one sent in germany.

  2. I can't complain about the Belgian postal services. For most of the time they arrive in three days!

    And now a bit of teasing: saterday I will be at Crisis, and meaby I will eat some "vlaai". :-D I couldn't resist Markus! ;-)


    1. Aaarrrghhhh I must
      We have 77years aniversary at the shop where I work, so no free days for the next time