Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

Duzi 2012

Hello everybody.

it's been a while since I last attended a show.
Last weekend my club mates and me attended the anual DUZI show in Wesel. It was once our home show as it is just a few minutes drive from my home. Sadly the Duzi seems to sang her Swan Song this year. It is open if it will be held next year and if it will be there again nobody knows if it will be again 2 days or just 1 day.
The problem was in the past that there were each year less games to watch less nice models to watch and also the traders prices were the same as the once they had on their respective webpages and cataloques. So everything that makes a show worth to attend was dropping away.
The Wargames Club Niederrhein will not attend the Duzi anymore. We plan to go to the Crisis in Antwerp next year as it is better although around more that triple kilometres to drive...

But anway with the sad things. Here are some pics of our game. Sorry there was nothing worth to photograph....

3 Kommentare:

  1. A shame it turned out this way..
    Nice pictures you made!
    You could come to FIGZ next year, on 02 june 2013

  2. Hey Captain! That are some very nice pictures! But where's the "vlaai"? Thanks for sharing!

    Never been on the DUZI, so I can't give my opinion!

    Yes, come to Crisis, then we meet again!


    1. This year I cannot come to the crisis but next year maybe will also try to come to the figs show.