Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

Wargaming Pike and Shot

Some days ago the postman delivered a book to me that I wanted for quite a long time.
Don Featherstones Wargaming Pike and Shot. I am now the pround owner of the revised edition.
It is a lovely book. Concentration on battles during the pike and shot era and not so mch on wargaming it is a collection of battles to be played with your favourite rules or with the rules at the back of the book. For me it was a must have. For all out there wanting a collection of battles wanting to be it. The rules supplemented with the book are quite easy simple rules but hey that does not meant that they are bad. The opposide is true. I like simple rules as the are easier to learn and make a game run smooth.
Overall a wonderful litele book which in my opinion belongs to a wargamers book shelve.
Any comments??

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