Montag, 20. Mai 2013

Random mumblings from far beyond the void...

First of all. Tamsin from Wargaming Girl has a prize draw. So here it is:

anyway her page is wonderfully made and always worth a visit. Especially the Koreans she made for Fields of Glory are gorgeous. I wonder how someone can be so disciplined with painting so many models at once. I need to know her secret.

So what happened here. Well I managed to win a bet on Ebay for a gaming table. Yes sir a whole gaming table and the best is it is just 5 minutes drive from where i live and ist was just 16 Euros. That is around 15 Pound or 20 Dollars. Will pick it up tomorrow.
So whats on my painting desk.
There are two old Citadel Ork Boar riders. A chieftain and a Standart. The are painted and I only fix some minor damage to post the pics because of a post in Oldhammer 80s Blog. As some might know I love the old Citadel/Marauder/Iron Claw models of these times gone by.
My 20mm Mamelukes are getting more paint but sometimes they are a thorn in my side. Don't get me wrong I love Napoleonis but with all that fiddly small parts it is quite time consuming painting them. The French Mamelukes had another drawback. The were quite lax when it comes to Uniform reglementations so expect some horde of sabre wielding gypsies.
Then there are my Tongs for Legends of the Old West rules. I picked them up from Foundry at this years Salute in London. All are bases and primed so just need some paint.

So that is all for now. I will post some pics tomorrow or the day after so that you can see my creative chaos here in rainy Duisburg Germany.

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