Montag, 3. Juni 2013

FIGZ show in Arnhem Netherlands

Last sunday my clubmates and I were off to the FIGZ show again. It is always a pleasure to go there and having fun. The show specialises in 20mm but is also open for 15 or 28mm or whatever is loved.
For those who did not know the show is totally free to attend. It is like a big family meeting with Papa Remco and brother Benno. Ohh and there is also Uncles Peter and Paul and Grandpa Martin.
The others did also come over....too many to mention them all but some really illustrious guests like Old Wolf and the mysterious Zed1... So here are the first bunch of pics....have fun.

One of two rooms. This one is with traders and Wargaming Clubs.
Setting up our Bolt Action game....and of course 20mm models. The table is just 1 square meter but offers lot of space for a good 600 pts game.

Setting up Game 2. Wings of war / Wings of Glory. This is a purly fun game and always attracts lots of people attending. Mostly dads with their toddlers. Well the Hobby needs new blood...or in this case some new Rickenbacker's or Von Richthofen's.

More Bolt Action game pics. Yepp these are all 20mm plastics....Uhhh these nice old days when we were slighly younger crwling the floor with old Airfix and Esci troopers.

In game pics... Wings of War/Glory...The models are by Skytrex and some from the Original game.
Armoured cars by Pendraken.

4 Kommentare:

  1. Lovely stuff, a show I would like to visit one day!

  2. How could I miss this and that other post! Thanks for sharing Markus!

    Greetings from
    Uncle Peter

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