Sonntag, 14. September 2014

Back from Holidays

Well friends it has benn a while since I last posted something.
I was quite busy at work till end of August. And from 27 of August I was away for two weeks to Mallorca Spain. To cut  a long story was hot there, well very hot with temperatures ranging up to 34C.
Anyway it was good to relax a bit. Read a Bernard Cornwell book ( The Pagan King - buy it!!!) had lots of cider in an English pub ( yep English pub !!! ) and lots of food ( never ever take an All-In hotel otherwise you want to ruin your perfectly shaped body ;-> ).

At the moment theplanning goes to the final stages for making the nex bunch of Mexican Bandits for my Coal Ridge Models range. This time it will be 8 mounted ones. So expect more Hollywood / Italo Spagheti Western mean looking never-do-wells.....after that I am thinking of making some Banditas / Soldaderas (female mexican fighters) and of course the mexican Gun team is taking shape.

Cheerio my friends

Mad Markus needs some Magners Berry

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  1. Hey Markus, can't wait to see the next bunch of Mexicans! And female ones? sounds good!
    PS: It was good to see you again in Antwerp! And didn't you make pictures of the show saterday?