Dienstag, 17. Dezember 2013

News from the front

Over the last weeks I did not really find the time to do something for the hobby.
As work consumes more and more time (it is the business season if you work like me in a shop) my trusty lead and plastic friends were busy collecting dust. But back to the trenches.
So what have I done lately. Today I came back from my caster and mouldmaking friend Andy of Hagen Minis. With me some conversions he made mould for me and some goodies from some future range he will hopefully stock. Pics of them after assembly I hope within a few days so stay tuned. Amongs them are a group of really nice medieval assasins. Well more like the guy from Assasins Creed video game. Three different and all are really great. The two Gladiators carrying wooden block for training. Just like fron the Spartacus Series and a (wohooooo tataaaaa) a box of vintage Atlantic Romans. The Gladiators and Cristians Mini Box in all it's glory. These sold for 1 Deutsche Mark when I was a kid. When I grew up I sold my collection for some warhammer models. Now these are really difficult to find.
last but not least are a box of revell imperial Artillery for the Thirty years war and a medieval executioner leaning menancely on his axe.

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