Montag, 2. Juni 2014

FIGZ 2014

Here are some pics from the FIGZ show in Arnhem Netherlands. FIGZ is more like a big club meeting.
This year there were three traders. Miniatuurwereld from the Netherlands selling mostly plastic figure sets, then Fredericus Rex. He is specialised in everything to liven up the gamestables. from lasercut houses, to plants, gravel.... you know what I mean. Last but not least Andy and I were there with our Hagen Miniatures stand selling heavy metal for the miniatures collectors.
FIGZ is great when you want a show just to chat a bit about painting techniques and other to and fro.

Our little shop and some from our minis. All are 1/72 scale....

Lake Town from The Hobbit movie. All is scrath build. This was really an eye catcher. The chaps were right next to our table so much time to marvel at all the bridges and platforms.

28mm Pegasus bridge game. I think they played using Bolt Action but did not know for sure

20mm WWII action. This was are really big table. Some Arnhem action, well FIGZ happens to be in Arnhem....rules used were Rapid Fire.

Black Powder ACW game with lots of Perry Plastics....
I wonder where the cornstalks are from.....have to ask....

Some pictures from the painters desks. There was one room full of painters showing their stuff.

Various look arounds of the show....

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  1. It was nice meeting you again Markus! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!


  2. I would really love to get to this show. Maybe if I sweet talk the good lady next year :)

  3. Thanks for the pictures, hopefully a profitable day?