Dienstag, 17. März 2015

Some Ebay catchings

Over the last weks I was very busy at work. So I did not find time to post something. Well the problem was more to have time to take pictures as when I came back from work it was right in the middle of the night.
To cut a long story short last week I tumbled over while visiting my doctor. My heart preassure was a little bit too high. A bit like with "Hulk" but without turning grren. Hahaha.
So one week time to do something for the hobby.
I painted some models (around 80 at the moment) for my friend Uwe and his Poitiers project.


Of those of you who did not know. We gather once per year to build something truly big. Normally in between 8-13.000 Models. lets see how much we can paint until then.

The pics below are from an Ebay catch I made. The knights are from Essex and the Elves are from GW from the 80s. Together with the boxes of shields just 23 Euros (around 17 Pounds) for the lot.

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