Montag, 27. April 2015

Salute 2015 Part 1 (of many)

So here I am again.....I survived Salute and the pic haul of models I had to carry back to Germany. But that is a too long story to tell here......and I would bore you to pieces with.
So here are the pictures.

 The que to get with th Zulus there were thasants of 'em
 This was the funnies game I ever saw. 20.000 leagues under the scary sea. With lots of curious buildings and scary looking fish.

 Yessss these were the players.....

 This was a game about some kind of modern soldiers storming a warschip.
Believe it or not it is 28mm scale and fully playable inside.
Rules were Force on Force if I do remember right.


Cold war gone hot. Great table full of modern 1/72 scale vehicles.

So this is part one. Others to follow soon.


  1. Great photos Markus, now get them Donnybrook figures painted!!!!!

  2. Excellent photos Markus and nice to meet you on Saturday!

  3. Great to see you again Markus! and fab pics :)

    1. Thanks Tamsin. As planning starts for next years Salute I am thinking of staying for a whole weekend to visit some museums. any hints??

  4. Excellent photos, Markus. I completely missed that "cold war gone wet" game - it looks excellent.

    Best wishes


  5. It was nice to meet ypu at the Blogger's meet up. I hope your bus journey back was not too bad!

  6. Thanks friends, it was a great day to see you all.
    Someone should post a sign above the entrance (Salute serioulsy harms your bank account)