Montag, 27. April 2015

Salute 2015 Part 1 (of many)

So here I am again.....I survived Salute and the pic haul of models I had to carry back to Germany. But that is a too long story to tell here......and I would bore you to pieces with.
So here are the pictures.

 The que to get with th Zulus there were thasants of 'em
 This was the funnies game I ever saw. 20.000 leagues under the scary sea. With lots of curious buildings and scary looking fish.

 Yessss these were the players.....

 This was a game about some kind of modern soldiers storming a warschip.
Believe it or not it is 28mm scale and fully playable inside.
Rules were Force on Force if I do remember right.


Cold war gone hot. Great table full of modern 1/72 scale vehicles.

So this is part one. Others to follow soon.

8 Kommentare:

  1. Great photos Markus, now get them Donnybrook figures painted!!!!!

  2. Excellent photos Markus and nice to meet you on Saturday!

  3. Great to see you again Markus! and fab pics :)

    1. Thanks Tamsin. As planning starts for next years Salute I am thinking of staying for a whole weekend to visit some museums. any hints??

  4. Excellent photos, Markus. I completely missed that "cold war gone wet" game - it looks excellent.

    Best wishes


  5. It was nice to meet ypu at the Blogger's meet up. I hope your bus journey back was not too bad!

  6. Thanks friends, it was a great day to see you all.
    Someone should post a sign above the entrance (Salute serioulsy harms your bank account)