Sonntag, 2. August 2015

Back in action.....again

Well it is been a long time since I last found time to write.
As the saying goes "Life happens while you are making plans". So nest to my real life there was not much time to do anything for the hobby. Well next to nothing. I found the time to paint a little bit (pics soon to follow) mostly Dixon ACW models and also a TSSD 54mm Johnny Reb I bought a while ago from Andy Harfields.
Beside them there were some Old School GW fantasy models. Mostly Skaven/Rat-things and of course Undead.....I like undead maybe because I like thrash Zombie movies (anyone seen Zombie Strippers with Mr. Eglund??) and they are mostly fast to paint....
While digging through my old magazine mauntains I discovered an old Wargames mag back from the 70`s. There was a really funny article inside about someone telling that 20mm and especially 20mm plastics are doomed to fail in the wargames world.....well he was wrong. Pure fun to read.....
Doomed models......might be an interesting subject for a Zombie movie: Doc Zumba and the dreaded (and dreadlocked) Zombieplastics....spooky.

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