Sonntag, 15. November 2015

Crisis Antwerp

Last sunday some freinds and me were attending the anual Crisi show in Antwerp Belgium.
The show is run by the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp. It is a bit like Salute in London but a bit smaller.

So this year it was as usual lots of things to see and much of treasure to carry back.
For our club we manage to buy three boxes (the ones Oranges or Grapefruits are normally stored in) and a smaller one full of 20mm Napoleonics fully painted.
These will bolster our Nappie forces when guests join us in Headquarter.
As I forgot to take my camera with my the following pictures are all taken by Frank Mostert the one who steered us through half of Europe.
Many thanks Frank I owe you some beer.

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  1. Looked good, would like to do this show one day!

    1. Would be nice to see you there. Lots of crammed boxes to search for hidden treasures there and great beers...

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