Montag, 20. Juni 2016


So here is the next bunch of pictures from the FIGZ 2016.
I highly recommend coming to FIGZ next year.

Most of the models you see are 1/72 scale (Airfix/Esci/Zvezda,etc). FIGZ is a show specialising in 1/72 scale but not stricly. Entrance is free and it is a good day to chat and see what others do.

Sadly I forget to take some pictures of the wonderful DIY treemaking workshop. Trees can be seen in my first Pic post from FIGZ and are from the Germanic/Roman dio.

 These Asterix chaps are from chewing gum packs that were sold when I was a kid. My friend Remco collected them and painted them.

The Romans were painted by my good friend Konny from Hürth. Lets see if he could paint the complete Legion....