Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013

Crisis 2013 Antwerp

Hi freinds. It has been a bit quite with me the last month. While having a lot of work (again9 it did not find the time to post any pictures. But I promise to do soon.
so waht have I done. First my Tong Gang for Legends of the Old West are nearing completion. Just the bases need some gravel and flock. So that gives my Gang Leader, the notorious Lee Chee, some power to really mob up the town. The laundry business is really hard you know.
Beside them a big box of goodies from Warlord gams did arrive today. As some might know they had a plastic sprue sale last week and I bought some Roman Veterans for just a few pieces O' eight, har har...
That bringst my to the main titele of this post. Pirates. Well my club will visit the crisis show in antwerp the coming Saturday. For those who did not know. It is a bit like Salute in London, just smaller and for me just a two hours travel by car. Just hit the "Autobahn" here in Duisburg/Germany and then straight on through the Netherlands up to Belgium. I plan to have a look for some Pirateplunder. To be precise some Pirates for Legends of The High Seas and maybe some Royal Marines. Lets see what I find.
After being back I will place some photos here.
Is anyone coming there ? Would be nice to see each other and having a beer or vlaii.

2 Kommentare:

  1. I'm afraid I'll have to await your pictures!

  2. I take that beer, but without "Vlaai"! Vlaai is for FIGZ Markus!
    See you saterday!