Dienstag, 5. November 2013

Crisis in Antwerp the last pictures

So here is the last bunch of pictures from the Crisis show in Antwerp

28mm Napoleonic. Wow what a chaos. Lots of beautiful painted models but well crammed. But that how I think a battlefield in those times might have looked. Well at least my hobby space looks this crammed

A great Saga type game. What I liked about this one besides the beautiful models andlandscape was that it shows that wargaming is not always about big spacey tables full of models.
Small table a few models and pure fun...great for beginners. Give Saga a try if you like. I don't know if this table was Saga but it looks like a big Saga game.

So that it is my pictures from Crisis Antwerp. To be short it is definitivly a show to attend. Smaller than Salute/London but not so crammed with people,

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  1. Thanks for sharing all these pictures with us Markus!
    One remark on the comment on my blog. To glue metal, it's one side superglue and the other part water. And watch your fingers when you try this. It goes fast!