Dienstag, 5. November 2013

New Chinese Gang in town

Well here they are. my Chinese Tong posse for Legends of the old West rules.
I bought them this year from Wargames Foundry. The models are from the Victorian and from the Pirates range. I tried a new varnish on them that gives a quite strong coat but is semi gloss so reflects the camera a bit so they look a bit more shiny then in reality.

At the moment I am thinking how to use them the best in the next Wild West game.
As Legends of the Old West is a skirmish game I normally give my models names. Mostly quite funny ones like my Sheriffs name is "Wiley Burp".
My gang boss pictured else where on my blog is named Lee Chee. So how should i name the rest of them??
Some names that come to my mind are: Chop Stick, Chop Suey, Hung Lo, Hop Singh (Indian father,chinese mother), Fog Lung, you get what I mean.
It has nothing to do with chinese just that I like funny names.
The Lieutenant of my U.S. Infantry is called Clarence Wickersham the 3rd.

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